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Ed Nichols

Brian Gallagher

A highly-experienced finance professional and entrepreneur who has gained numerous insights from over 15 years advising companies, and over ten years working within companies. A highly-experienced executive and entrepreneur who has had tremendously varied experiences from his over 20 years working with companies.

Selected Core Competences:

  • Extensive financial analysis and strategic planning experience
  • Exhaustive M&A execution expertise
    • Portfolio assessment/strategic review
    • Target mapping
    • Divestiture advisory—particular expertise with carveouts
    • Acquisition support—especially successfully navigating auction processes
  • Strong commercial aptitude—meaningful strategic insights and negotiating skills
  • Deep and expansive technical knowledge
    • Business valuation
    • Accounting and financial reporting issues
    • Complex transaction structuring
  • Established track record leading teams
    • Preparing analyses
    • Conducting due diligence
    • Generating Board-quality presentation materials
  • Consistently-recognized “culture carrier” and dedicated recruiter, trainer, staffer, and mentor to junior professionals

Following a stint in the pharmaceuticals industry, upon graduation with distinction with his MBA from Kellogg, Ed commenced a decade-long career as a bulge bracket investment banker, specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”).  After working for a few years in New York, Ed moved to his current hometown of Chicago, where he ultimately became a Managing Director in the Global M&A group at Citi (formerly Salomon Smith Barney).

During his tenure as an investment banker, Ed successfully executed over 90 M&A engagements for a wide variety of clients located in the US, UK, France, and other Western European countries.  Ed concentrated primarily on industrial companies, and particularly automotive suppliers, packaging companies, and truck/heavy duty equipment OEMs.  Beyond this concentration, Ed also completed several engagements in the energy, technology, media, telecommunications, and agricultural products industries.

After leaving Citi, Ed embarked upon an entrepreneurial career path, founding and/or holding senior management or advisory roles within businesses in three varied industries—real estate holding/management, truck/heavy-duty fleet management, and most recently, health sciences/biotechnology. 
Ed ultimately returned to his first love, helping business founders and owners grow their businesses and maximize their strategic alternatives, through the formation of Pernix Partners.

Selected Core Competences:

  • Extensive Senior Management experience running start-ups, divisions of larger enterprises and stand alone privately-held, venture/PEG funded companies
  • Considerable expertise in the development and implementation of strategic plans
  • Development and measurement of performance metrics
  • Significant experience as a CEO on the buy and sell side of transactions 
    • Identification of potential buyers or sellers 
    • Navigation of complex negotiations 
    • Post-transaction integration
  • Business development management and skills to drive rapid, sustainable growth
    • Development of materials
    • Branding
    • Compensation
  • Established leadership and leadership coaching experience
    • Sales Management
    • Board seats
    • Executive coaching

Upon graduation with distinction from Michigan State with his MA, Brian commenced a successful career as a senior leader in the transportation/logistic and e-commerce support fields, serving as a VP, SVP and ultimately, for the last 14 years as CEO of the fastest growing logistics/e-commerce support company in its space. 

The company’s Brian had direct interaction with were as varied as WalMart, Target, Amazon, Costco to overseas manufacturers and a large list of rapidly growing e-tailers who Brian had the opportunity to assist in supporting their growth.  He has been a witness of, and contributor to, the many opportunities and challenges of growing businesses in the ever-changing e-commerce environment

During his tenure as a CEO, Brian was successfully involved in multiple buy/sell activities and managed the successful sale of his company to private equity on two different occasions.  He is proud of the relationships he has developed within the investment and business community and with the founding of Pernix Partners, he believes he can bring his varied experience, passion and insights to assist owners and executives develop and implement their strategic plans and maximize the shareholder/stakeholder value.